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CNG Ride Sharing app in Bangladesh RideOX

CNGs occupy the majority of the vehicles in Bangladesh. They are handy, hassle-free, and always available everywhere. The one problem with CNG auto-rickshaws is bargaining. If you are unaware of the fare, the drivers might mislead you. RideOX Have a CNG Ride Sharing app in Bangladesh that has included CNG, Car, Bike, Ambulance and Track Ride App. If we are going towards growth, we can not exclude the dominant transportation medium.

CNG drivers are lagging in the competition. Gradually many are addressing the problem. CNG rides can reduce or even eliminate the problem.

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Why book CNG Ride Sharing app from RideOX


It’s cheaper

CNG rides are much less expensive than a car. You get to save a lot of money on every trip.

Easy procedure

Using the app is easy to use. It only requires a couple of minutes, and you are ready to go! 

Available almost anywhere

Cabs might not be widely available in every city. Whereas CNGs are a familiar scene in Bangladesh.

No bargaining

Conventional CNG drivers are likely to hike the price sometimes. They charge more at night. Sometimes they just charge more if you are unaware of the price. Ridesharing apps like RideOX lets you commute with the right fare.

Best optimum option

Bus fare is cheap. But they are overcrowded. Private cars are comfortable and cost a lot. App-based CNGs are the middle ground.

They are perfect when you are tight in the budget but do not want to compromise privacy anyway.

Employing the CNG divers

While the ride-sharing apps are rising in demand, CNG drivers are quite dissatisfied. They are losing potential passengers. And they stand a little chance in front of the reputed ride-sharing companies. 

RideOX presents a perfect solution by hiring CNG drivers. It gives you more ride options with a different price range.

Safe ride

Gone are the days when you had to worry about your safety in auto rickshaws. So are your worries. Book a CNG on Rideox and be safe with GPS tracking. Share your ride information with your friends and family if needed.

Quick and convenient

What could be more comfortable than familiar CNGs? They are easy to go with choice and easily available.

Promotion and offers

RideOX offers occasional discounts and promotions for regular commuters. Earn more discounts and offers via text messages and emails. 

Other advantages

Other benefits of booking CNG on RideOX involve estimated fare, distance covered, tracking travel time, getting information about routes, traffic, and alternative routes.

By appearance and feature, CNGs might seem outdated. There are other alternatives available. The CNG auto-rickshaw drivers are competing with modern transport forms.

The situation is almost chaotic. The CNG drivers do not get as many rides as before. Moreover, they have to pay rent to the vehicle owner. 

Startups are trying to eliminate the problems with separate apps for CNGs. Sometimes CNG drivers are reluctant to use the modern device. They claim that it won’t match with their policy.

RideOX trying to improve the situation by including the CNG option available for ride-hailing. We hope that online CNGs help both the drivers and passengers. 

Both of the parties involved will get the benefits. It will be easier for commuters to locate the drivers quickly. On the other hand, CNG drivers will no longer have to wait for hours.

To Know How To Use CNG Ride Sharing APP Click Hare

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