Our Privacy Policy

RideOX (“RideOX,” “we,” “our,” and/or “us”) puts serious value to the privacy of everyone who uses our application, site, all other related resources and services (collectively known as the “RideOX Ridesharing Service”). This privacy policy explains the way we collect, share, and/’or use the information from the users of RideOX website and/or application. Here, “Users” collectively refer to all “Riders”, “Drivers”, and “Driver applicants”. Beyond all the clauses of our Privacy Policy, your actions or uses with regards to our website and/or application are subject to the Terms and Conditions on this website (www.RideOX.com/terms-conditions). By accessing and/or using our application or website, you must agree to abide by these practices.

Information We Collect

  1. Information Users Provide

1.1 Registration

As anyone signs up for a RideOX account, they provide us their name, photo, phone number, email address, password, authentication code, gender, and referral details (if applicable). If you want to sign up for the RideOX application using a Facebook account, we will collect all your basic information from the Facebook profile, which usually include your name, nationality, friends, profile picture, gender, etc.

1.2 Profile Information

As you enter the RideOX community, you may create your RideOX Profile and share interesting and remarkable facts about yourself while discovering mutual interests and friends. You can leave the profile without completing it. You can also choose what and how much to share. Compulsory parts of your profile include profile photo and driver’s license. Read further to learn how to control the view of your profile. We also allow individuals a business profile to be added. If you want to have a business profile, we advise you that you get a business email and an accepted payment method.

1.3 Payment Method

We allow individuals to add a valid and acceptable payment method which can be your debit/credit. As you add either of them to your RideOX account, we let a third party handle the payments. That third party will receive the relevant card information. In order to secure all your data personal and/or financial, we avoid storing the information of your debit and/or card on our own servers.

1.4 Communications

If any user contacts the Customer Support Team or uses any direct means of communication, we may ask for additional information about them. For example, any direct contact with RideOX Customer Support may indicate that we will receive the name, email address, contact (phone) number of the user, any other information, and/or any attachment or message related with the reason for contacting.

1.5 Driver Application

If you want to join the RideOX community as a driver, the registration process requires you to provide both the basic registration information and other details, such as, date of birth (DoB), physical/mailing address, National Identity Card (NID), Driver’s License Details, Vehicle Details, and Insurance Information. We may also collect additional information, such as, permission or license for business. We need to share these details and information with the partners whose primary job is to conduct background checks on the Drivers so that we can help protect our RideOX community.

1.6 Payment

We need to ensure that Riders/Drivers receive payments. Therefore, we collect and store certain types of information, such as, the Drivers’ bank account number, routing numbers, details of bKash/Rocket/similar services, tax information, and/or other relevant information. Therefore, we will ask for these details when you sign up for RideOX Application as a Rider/Drivers.

1.7 Web Browser

Apart from your providing personal details including your name, phone number, physical/mailing address, and other essential information, our application automatically collects your location information for allowing you to have the best service. We may also record any information shared by your web browser on routine basis. These details may include the browser type, language, hardware and software configurations, the time and date of your visit, the particular web page you had come from, the Internet Protocol (IP) address, and the specific geolocation information linked with your IP address, the pages of our website that you have visited, and your ‘dwell’ time on the page(s). These details are usually anonymous, and we generally collect them in a collective manner. We may rely on Google Analytics and/or other similar web applications or services to collect the statistical information as to our visitors’ interactions with this website. We do it anonymously. We are amenable not to associate the anonymous information with any of your personally identifiable details.

  1. Information That We Collect During Your Use of the RideOX Platform

2.1 Location

Since RideOX is committed to bringing all Riders/Drivers and Users/Passengers under our platform, we want to be sure of their individual locations as any of them opens the RideOX application on their smartphone. Whether you allow our application to run in the background or the foreground, we may attempt to collect your precise location. If you put any location under the labels like “Home” and/or “Work,” we will receive that particular information too.

These location details essential for certain activities like finding the closest Riders/Drivers for Users/Passengers, selecting the drop off plus pick up spots/locations, suggesting possible destinations reviewing the previous trips. Depending on our needs, RideOX’s Trust & Safety department may share or use the location information to ensure the safety and protection of our Users/Passengers or any member of the public. The location information, the distance travelled, and similar information are required by our application to calculate charges, insurance, and other expenses for RideOX rides. For us to be able to carry out all these activities, the Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers need to allow our application to access their location information by changing the device settings. In addition, we may provide information about any promotion and/or exclusive updates, and deals in the particular areas of Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers.

2.2 Device Information

When Users/Passengers and/or Riders/Drivers uses the RideOX app, we collect certain information from their devices which include their IP addresses, browser types, operating system versions, cellular phone carrier, brands/manufacturers, installations of apps, device and mobile advertising identifiers, tokens for push notifications, Facebook accounts and identifiers (if used for registration). We collect the data relevant to the mobile sensor from the devices of Riders/Drivers. These details include the speed, the direction, acceleration/deceleration, and other information about the vehicle. We use these details to improve the accuracy of their location and analyze the patterns of their usage.

2.3 Usage Data

We receive information about the interactions of Users/Passengers with our application and/or website to determine their usage behavior and pattern. Examples of these details include the specific content and/or pages they view, other actions taken within the app, and the dates and/or times of visits.

2.4 Calls and Texts

RideOX cooperate with a third party service provider that facilitates all phone calls and/or text messages between the Users/Passengers and the Riders/Drivers connected for a trip/ride. We automatically receive the data or information transmitted through this communication. The information we collect includes the schedule (date and time) of the call and/or text, the contact numbers of both parties, and the content/details of the text. We may monitor and record the content/conversation of phone calls completed through the RideOX Platform. We will notify you of any such action (that your call/conversation to be recorded). By proceeding to the next step, Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers agree to accept that RideOX will monitor and record the call/conversation.

2.5 User Feedback

Since RideOX values the fact that Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers enjoy our services to their fullest extent, we allow them to review and rate each other as a ride ends. We will automatically receive and store the details of the reviews and ratings to become able to bring both Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers the best possible experience throughout their rides.

2.6 Contacts

If any User/Passenger and/or Rider/Driver allow(s) RideOX to access their phone’s address book, we may gain access to the names and store the contact information from their address books so that we can facilitate social interaction and invitation initiated by Users/Passengers through RideOX Platform. We may use the information for different other purposes as explained in this page.

2.7 Cookies and/or Other Technologies

RideOX is all about enhancing the experience of users including both passengers, general visitors, and drivers. This tendency requires us to learn how you browse through our website, interact with the advertisements, and visuals. Doing so, we can understand what particular content is popular and why and become able to save all your preferences. Therefore, we collect relevant information using cookies and/or tracking pixels. We may use other relevant technologies to do such.

2.7.1 Definition of Cookies

These are small text files placed by web servers on users’ devices and designed to collect and store their basic information to assist apps and/or websites to recognize their browsers. There are two kinds of cookies we work with, such as the session cookie and the persistent cookie. Cookies which disappear the moment the user closes the browser are called session cookies whereas, cookies which remain even after the browser has been closed and are accessible every time users enter the website.

Throughout your experiences with the RideOX Platform, we store both persistent and session cookies. For your personal preferences, you may want to modify the cookie settings from your web browser. However, we recommend that you avoid deleting or refusing to allow us to store cookies because by doing so, you may not be able to enjoy certain features and/or offers from our vibrant Platform.

  1. Third Party Information

3.1 Services

If you register for our RideOX platform or link your RideOX user account with any third party’s service (e.g. Facebook) by any means, we may automatically receive the same kind of data/information that we collect (as explained above) directly from the above services.

3.2 Partners

We may need to receive additional data/information about you, including demographic information, payment information, or fraud detection details, from all third party partners. We may also combine the collected information with other information about you.

3.3 Enterprise Programs

If any company, organization, and/or university that has in partnership with you by any means takes part in any of our enterprise programs, we may collect their email address from that organization. We may also offer that organization a ride/trip on your behalf. In this regard, they may be required provide us your name, contact number, and the location (pickup and drop off) for the ride.

3.4 Drivers’ Background Information

RideOX partners with a trusted third party organization that runs rigorous checks on the driving record, criminal record, and other important/relevant information about Riders/Drivers. We receive only publicly available information from the partner.

How RideOX Uses the Collected Information

  1. We use the collected information about Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers to:
  • Connect Riders/Drivers with Users/Passengers;
  • Provide, expand, improve, and/or promote our platform;
  • Understand and analyze how our community uses our platform;
  • Communicate with Users/Passengers and Drivers/Riders, either directly or via one of RideOX’s partners for communicating our promotional and marketing purposes;
  • Personalize your experience with us;
  • Improve your experience to encourage you to connect your contacts and friends to our RideOX platform;
  • Send text messages and/or push notifications to you;
  • Facilitate payments and/or transactions;
  • Ensure timely and quality customer support;
  • Detect, find, and prevent any fraudulent activity; and
  • Give immediate response to any call regarding ‘trust and safety’, including any auto incident, request from any government agency/authority, and any dispute between Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers.

  1. The information collected from Riders/Drivers by us is used for the purposes bellow.
  • Sending emails and/or text messages to those who start the driver application process to complete the process;
  • Assessing the performance of driver in terms of ability and efficiency
  • Notifying each Rider/Driver about the demand and availability of rides, and updates in both the app or service terms; and
  • Analyzing the Riders’/Drivers’ user behavior, calculating their auto insurance policy, and assessing their safety.

Our Policy for Sharing the Collected Information

  1. Sharing Between Users/Passengers and Drivers/Riders:

Basic information about each other becomes available between a User/Passenger and Driver/Rider who have agreed for a ride. The information includes names, profile photos, and user ratings. If any User/Passenger and/or Driver/Rider connect(s) their individual RideOX accounts to Facebook, they will be able to find mutual friends on Facebook during the ride. Riders/Drivers can learn about the pick-up location of the User/Passenger if such is provided. Users/Passengers are able to see the locations of Riders/Drivers along with their vehicle details in real-time as Riders/Drivers approach the pick-up (requested) locations. We do not disclose any information about a User/Passenger who gave a review and/or rating. However, we cannot prevent a Rider/Driver from being able to identify/recognize the reviewer or the User/Passenger who gave the rating.

As part of our ridesharing activities, we let Users/Passengers and Drivers/Riders contact with each other for a pickup, but we never share the actual contact information you provided with other Users. If we receive any report for a found/lost item, we take necessary steps to connect both the User/Passenger and Driver/Rider in which case we may need to share the original contact information with the relevant party, but we seek the permission of the individual whose information we share.

  1. Sharing Between Third Parties and RideOX

2.1 API and Integration Partners

If you connect to the RideOX Platform through an integration with a third party service, we may share information about your use of the RideOX Platform with that third party. We may share your information with our third party partners in order to receive additional information about you. We may also share your information with third party partners to create offers that may be of interest to you.

2.2 Third Party Services

The RideOX Platform may allow you to connect with other websites, products, or services that we don’t have control over (for example, we may give you the ability to order a food delivery from a restaurant from within the RideOX app). If you use these services, we will provide the third party with information about you to allow them to provide the service to you (for example, we would give the restaurant your name, phone number and address to drop off the food). We can’t speak to the privacy practices of these third parties, and we encourage you to read their privacy policies before deciding whether to use their services.

2.3 Service Providers

We work with third party service providers to perform services on our behalf, and we may share your information with such service providers to help us provide the RideOX Platform.

  1. Your Choices

3.1 Push Notifications

You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings. Please note that opting out of receiving push notifications may impact your use of the RideOX Platform (such as receiving a notification that your ride has arrived).

3.2 Profile Information

While your name will always be shared with Riders (Drivers) and fellow RideOX Users (Passengers), you can delete any additional information that you added to your Profile at any time if you don’t want Riders (Drivers) and RideOX Users (Passengers) to see it. Users will always be able to see Drivers’ names, rating, profile photos, and vehicle information

3.3 Location Information

While you can prevent your device from sharing location information at any time through your Device’s operating system settings, Rider (Driver) and User (Passenger) location is core to the RideOX Platform and without it we can’t provide our services to you.

3.4 Facebook Friends

You can control whether to enable or disable the Facebook mutual friends feature through your profile settings.

3.5 Accessing and/or Editing Information

Both Users/Passengers and Drivers/Riders can access, review, modify, and/or edit certain account related information by simply logging in to their respective profiles and account settings. If any Users/Passengers and/or Drivers/Riders would like to deactivate or close their RideOX account, they need to contact our Support Center and place their request. For an account requested for termination, we will initiate the deactivation process immediately, but certain information may remain retainable for a certain amount of time. We may also disclose that information abiding by our practices and policies mentioned in this Privacy Policy statement. We may need certain information from an account to check and collect any fee/fare owed, conduct an attempt to resolve any disputes, fix a problem, analyze the usage statistics of our platform, contribute to any investigation, prevent/stop any fraudulent activity, enforce one or more of our Terms and Conditions, and/or take any other legitimate actions as permitted by the governing law.

Our Data Protect Procedure

Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers who have registered on our App or Site will be responsible for preventing their login credentials from falling into others’ hands. Users/Passengers and Riders/Drivers need to be cautious against any possible scam, “phishing” activity, and/or identity theft. We never request the credit and/or debit card information, login details (user ID and password), national identification numbers, and sensitive details in any unsolicited or non-secure e-mail chat/message or telephone conversation.

If any breach occurs to the security of your personal data and that particular data requires a notification, you need to accept that we may send you notifications about that incident using a solicited email message. We will not take days to send you the notification. There will not be any unreasonable delay. If any such event takes place, we will analyze the scope and depth of the breach, take necessary action(s), and inform you of the incident without any delay.

Provided that you have any questions/queries about our security and data protection method, please feel free to write to or contact us via support@rideox.com.


Data Security

We bear a strong commitment to ensure the protection of the data relevant to the RideOX community. Since you and we both understand that no security measures can be 100%, we cannot offer any kind of guarantee for the security of the data; no matter how many ways we can possibly try.

Changes/Modifications to Your Information

Your profile contains different types of personal information and data which you may want to review, correct, update, or remove any time. If you want us to take any such action on your behalf, we request you to contact us via contact@rideox.com.bd. Once you have made such a request; we will take the necessary actions and measures to complete the request unless we have any legal ore valid obligation to retain your information.

Children’s Privacy

RideOX does not show indifference to the privacy of children, and therefore, we don’t collect the personal information of any child who is under 13. If anyone who is under 13 years of age provides us with his/her personal information and we happen to find out the matter, we delete the information immediately and do not store a single piece of information. If any parent or legal guardian believes or discovers that a child aged below 13 has provided us with his/her personal information, we urge that the very guardian or parent contact us and inform us of the incident or write to our Support Center immediately.

This Privacy Policy is essentially an Agreement which you must accept as you use or visit this website.

Changes or Modifications to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be subject to changes or modifications sometimes at our discretions or at times upon certain circumstances. If we change any material or anything exclusively relevant to this Privacy Policy, you will be notified through the RideOX App, or via email, or SMS, or other standard communication method. We recommend every user to go through this Privacy Policy carefully and visit this page periodically to be informed of any latest updates.

Contact US

Should you have any question or comment or any suggestion regarding this Privacy Policy to help us improve or modify our practices for better understanding and cooperation with users, we request you to contact us any time via our Support Center.